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Citrus Pay hosted an event called Sales For Startups at the 10,000 Startup Warehouse on the 7th January 2017. App Acchi founder Pradeep began the session by delivering a talk on how startups should pitch their products and services to potential clients. He further elaborated that customers are some times confused and are often looking to service providers in helping them make a choice.

App Acchi is an Android App testing platform which helps companies test apps on how they use memory, processing power and bandwidth across different versions of the Android OS. Mobile apps like Flipkart, PayTM are all trying to improve a particular experience, whether it is e-commerce or online payments. App Acchi counts some of India’s top startups as it’s most loyal users.

The meet was also attended by other founders of different companies working in improving the mobile user experience among end users. Some of the topics discussed is shared below

Lead squared

Lead Squared offers lead generation services. It is a complete suite of CRM & marketing automation software for B2C businesses. Organize your lead capture, lead management, sales management & analytics in one. The founder of lead squared focused on the importance of story telling and how it helps you in getting the message across to prospective clients. You will be able to sell more effectively if you can connect with human elements.

Money Tap

Money Tap is a Consumer lending app. It’s founder narrated his journey and success at acquiring his first clients online. He emphasized on the need for different approaches for a B2C and a B2B model.

The founder of Skillwiz revealed that the best way to increase your sales is to meet your customer and find out what he needs. Nothing can beat interacting with your customers find out what apps they use , what are their needs.

Sales, marketing and Product Management – Are they friends, foes or married ?

There was substantial discussion on h0w the customer experience works ? The model followed by most founders was of that Suspect – Prospect – Customer. Some of the other topics discussed at the startup meet were about.

  • Digital Marketing
  • User Visits
  • Experiences Generation
  • Signup Strategies
  • Adoption on a large scale
  • Paid Upgrade Strategy

Wow Experience = Communication + Product + Pricing + Support


Let the Product be your best salesperson. Product Self Selling is the best way forward for startups.
Marketing can be creative and aligned. Your Sales success might need to be data driven depending on your product.

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