Mobile based MIS launched for Microfinance by Sahara Next

Sahara Next the offshore development & IT outsourcing arm of the Sahara India Pariwar has launched a Management Information System (MIS) platform for MFI’s which features a user-friendly browser based web interface running on MySQL database.

The product called Secured Electronic Processing System (SEPS) is purpose built for the Micro Finance industry in India. SEPS is a centralized and flexible MIS platform which helps MFI’s to meet their unique operational requirements and is scalable as per their growth and outreach plans.mobile mis sahara

The solution is highly secure, flexible and streamlines method of electronic payments and transactions. All key functionality is met including client management, loan and savings portfolio management, transaction processing, and social and business reporting & analytics. SEPS reduces the risk of frauds, easily integrates with any banking solution and provides customers an online access from any computer 24/7.

Guided by open source development and harnessing a widespread global technology community and in-region ecosystem of experts, this robust platform provides the precision to operate efficiently, the freedom to innovate, and the flexibility to extend new services that more effectively empower the poor.mobile microfinance mis sahara

Download the complete brochure on SEPS MIS for MFI’s from Sahara Next

at the link below

Sahara Next – Microfinance MIS Brochure -pdf-6pages-535KB

Some features of SEPS MIS

Clients, Groups, and Centers

All features related to the creation and management of these entities and their movement through a state process flow (partial application, pending approval, approved/active, on hold, closed, canceled).

• Uniqueness checks for clients as per govt ID. If govt ID doesn’t exist, then uniqueness checks on name + birthdates.
• Loan cycle at client level
• Support for client photos
• Move groups & clients to different centers and/or branches
• Add notes to client, group and center detail pages
• Charge clients, groups, and centers penalties and one-time and periodic fees
• Assign group and center officer titles to clients
• Turn Center hierarchy “off”
• Support for individual clients outside of groups and centers

Loan Products & Loan Accounts

• Support for group and individual loans
• Define unlimited number of loan product types
• Interest calculations:
o Flat
o Declining balance- equal monthly installments (EMI)
o Declining balance- equal principal installments
• Ability to schedule loan disbursals and repayments independent of meeting schedules
• Loan defaults based on previous loan amounts or cycle
• Define grace periods for full loan repayments and grace for principal payments
• Support for periodic fees, fees deducted at disbursement, one-time fees, and penalty charges
• Support for early & partial loan repayments
• Display of Loan repayment schedules and detail loan account activity pages

• Automatic updation of repayment schedule if client/group’s meeting day changes
• Support for adjustments o Undo loan disbursals o Redo loan disbursals
o Multiple loan adjustments
• Automatic movement of loan accounts between specific states:
o from “good standing” to “in arrears” when payments are late
o from “in arrears” to “good standing” when all outstanding and overdue payments are made
o to “closed—obligation met” when all loan payments are complete
• Repay total loan at any point in loan cycle
• Add notes to loan records
• Minimal support for loan rescheduling
• Support for back-dated payments
• Ability to generate voucher and receipts directly from loan account pagesahara mis model application

Savings Product & Savings Accounts

• Define an unlimited number of savings products
• Set-up “Voluntary” or “Mandatory” accounts with specify required deposits for mandatory accounts and “suggested” deposits for voluntary accounts
(i.e., a suggested, non-binding savings plan)
• Add notes to savings record
• Specify the “auto creation” of savings accounts when a client is approved and made active

To know the entire features contact Sahara Next at the details below

For more information contact : info@saharanext.com
For sales enquiry contact : sales@saharanext.com

Or visit their website – http://saharanext.com

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