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Rural Clean Energy Market Growing at US $ 2.11 Billion Annually in India

If you are a venture capital investor scouting for your next big investment opportunity, it could well be clean energy solutions addressing the bottom of the pyramid (BoP) market. Venture capital and private equity investors, who bet big on the market size matrix, may find the sheer spread of the Indian clean energy market at the BoP level an attractive option.

According to a study conducted by IFMR Research-Centre For Development Finance in alliance with World Resources Institute, the aggregate potential market for the clean energy sector is pegged at $2.11 billion per year including $2.04 billion for decentralized renewable energy services and $70.1 million for energy products (solar home systems, solar lanterns, and energy-efficient cook stoves).

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‘Aadhaar’ and India’s Brave, New, ID-Armed Market

An estimated US$20 billion worth of business opportunities over the next decade have begun rolling out in India with the launch of a nationwide program named “Aadhaar,” which aims to issue 600 million unique identification numbers, or UIDs, to residents over the next four years.

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ATMs of Health Care – Nachiket Mor

Nachiket Mor, president, ICICI Foundation, is headed to public health organisation Sugha Vazhvu. He talks about spreading health care through the kiosk model.Extracts from the interview follow below

What’s your next project about?

It’s still in early stages. Our hypothesis is based on the belief that health services should reach the doorstep of the people.

When a person falls sick, he faces a problem: Whether the money he has to spend on the doctor is more than what he stands to lose if he doesn’t pay a visit. It’s a tricky thing. He would not know whether the pain in his leg will just go away, or if it is thrombosis and needs treatment.

In developed countries there is population level screening. In UK, NHS has health checks. This organisation Sugha Vazhvu — it means good life — has come up with a Rs. 2 administered health check based on six or seven standard protocols.

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Vinod Khosla to Back VC Fund Bootstrapping the Poor

Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, who has become richer by about $117 million through his investment in SKS Microfinance, which had a successful public offering in Mumbai recently, told The New York Times that he plans to invest his profits into ventures that fight poverty while also trying to turn a profit.

Khosla plans to start a venture capital fund investing in companies that focus on the poor in India, Africa and other countries by providing health, energy and education services. Read more on India West

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