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Resolving Complaints by Microfinance Clients – A Case Study

The Smart Campaign has released a case study on the different mechanisms which are being employed by Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt. Ltd to help resolve client complaints. Over the years Ujjivan has evolved 5 distinct channels to resolve and address issues raised by Microfinance clients

  1. Customer Care Representatives
  2. Written complaints
  3. Customer Connect Program
  4. Helpdesk/Phone line
  5. Customer exit interviews

The entire case study provides a detailed over view of the various processes employed by Ujjivan Financial Services to address customer complaints and how it has benefited the organization.

ujjivan financial services

Ujjivan Financial Services – Case Study 2014

Download the full case study at the link below :


Overview of the Case Study

Despite support for mechanisms for complaint resolution through regulations and industry codes, many institutions do not provide clients with an effective way to complain and have these complaints resolved. Indian institutions often grapple with understanding what goes into setting up an accessible comprehensive complaint resolution system. There are also hurdles of distilling the value proposition for an institution to set up a resolution system. This case study helps financial service providers answer such questions, using the example of Ujjivan Financial Services.

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