How to receive Amazon U.S. Affiliate Payments

Are you an Amazon U.S. affiliate in India and receiving your affiliate payments via check? Getting payments by check can be a hassle in India because the postal delivery system in India is quite primitive and some times it takes eons to get a simple package delivered to your doorstep. You can however now receive your payments via Payoneer making it easier than ever to receive Amazon disbursements and access funds. It’s simple to set up and allows you to receive your earnings to your local bank account in Indian Rupees. This not only saves you time but also gives you a better forex conversion rate. Given below are the step-by-step instructions to start receiving your payments through Payoneer. It will not take more than ten minutes.

To get started, go to and complete the sign-up with Payoneer. New Accounts require approval and require id verification. After your Payoneer application is approved, to access your payment details, log in to your Payoneer account, go to the Receive menu and then select Global Payment Service. Then click on US Dollars to display your USD receiving account details. You will need to enter the routing number and the bank account number in your Amazon Affiliate Deposit Method page.

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Login to your Amazon U.S. affiliate dashboard & click on account settings and select Change Payment Method. Select the option “Pay me by direct deposit (United States Based Associates Only)” and fill in the US collection account information that you received from Payoneer.

What is Payoneer?

An innovative payment platform that has millions of users worldwide. It empowers freelancers and entrepreneurs all over the world to get paid by international companies and marketplaces quickly, simply and at reduced cost. It in fact has one of the lowest processing charges of any payment transfer service.

What is Payoneer Global Payment Service?

A solution for Payoneer account holders worldwide to receive commercial payments from international companies for work done online, such as freelancing, affiliate marketing, online selling, app development, stock photography, and more. The service provides international receiving accounts, allowing international companies to easily send you a local bank transfer – as if you were a local employee with a local bank account!

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