RBS programme launches toolkits for MFIs to offer credit

MUMBAI: Keeping in view the global financial crises, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Group’s technical assistance programme on Monday launched four toolkits for Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) to offer credit facilities to the underserved people in the country.

“With this we want to create micro finance delivery capacities in the underserved regions of India. Also, an access to credit increase in the southern and northern states. We intend to offer wide range of toolkits,” Graham Wright, Programme Director, MicroSave India, told reporters here.

The toolkits were launched in association with MicroSave, an international microfinance consultancy.

The toolkits comprise ‘ready to use’ training material in key areas such as governance, internal controls, financial management and accounting systems.

“In the current economic environment keeping credit open to poor women at the bottom of the pyramid is critical. Also, the global financial crises has made evident how important good governance, transparency of financial transactions, and monitoring of credit is for sustainable financial growth,” ABN Amro Bank Country Executive – India Meera Sanyal said.


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