Promoters and FIIs raise stakes in listed Microfinance Companies

The promoters of several listed Microfinance Companies like S E Investments Pvt Ltd and Capital Trust Pvt Ltd have increased their shareholding in their respective companies by purchasing their stock from the stock exchanges over the last 6 months.

Promoters of Capital Trust Pvt Ltd which is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange increased their stake by 20 % to a little over 60%.Most of the stock was acquired at a time when the stock was trading below 10 Rs.The current market price as per the closing rates on the 29th of March,2010 is Rs 67.50.

Stock Holding Pattern of Capital Trust Pvt Ltd.

Shareholding Patter of Capital Trust

Stock holding pattern of S E Investments Pvt Ltd

Shareholding Pattern of SEIL

While the promoters and corporates holding in SE Investments Pvt Ltd has remained constant, FII”s  have acquired a stake of almost 10% from the public.

In light of the run up that both these stocks have witnessed in the last one month all investors who bought this stock in the last six months would have made substantial gains.

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