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Why You Need A Professional Coach Today

The concept of professional coaches is fairly new in India. While coaches have been practicing their trade since ages, it is only now that they have gained credence and operate through formal networks. Professional coaching involves working with a mentor on a solution based approach. This involves working with clients to see what are the important steps they can take to achieve their career and life goals.

Many senior executives comprising from Indian companies have embarked on this path to give back to their profession. A greenhorn corporate executive can benefit from the unique insights that experience brings. Nowadays professional coaches are all the rage and everyone from sportsmen to movie celebrities have sought their services.

Finding The Right Coach.

Before you hire a coach, you need to take time to educate yourself on what coaching is all about. You can find a variety of websites online that provide comprehensive information about their background, experiences and their services. You can also search for accredited coaches at

Usually coaches are hired based on word of mouth recommendations but if you do not know anyone directly, searching online would be your best option. Once you zero in on a coach, you can also ask the coach for referrals with whom you can cross-check on their experiences.

Professional coaches charge as much as Rs 5000 per hour. This involves face to face time as well as online sessions. The cost might sound prohibitive at first but if you evaluate the long term benefit it confers on your career and leadership abilities, it might well be priceless.

Free Professional Coaching For Conference Participants

Delegates at the NHRD Network Conference received free coaching for 20-30 minutes. Three lucky winners also won free coaching packages worth Rs 2 Lakh. Some pictures from the event are given below:


Participants wait for turn to interact with the life coach.


So who is next?

life coach india

The life coach explains how he intends to conduct the session.

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