Paper mills to convert waste into energy

The Indian Agro Recycled Paper Mills Association (IARPMA), New Delhi, under the aegis of the ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE),


government of India, organized a workshop on biomethanation and application of new and renewable energy in pulp and paper mills.

Speaking on the occasion, NP Singh, advisor to the ministry, mentioned the high-energy intensive character of the paper industry and the need to reduce energy consumption in the industry.

He said there was ample opportunity for paper mills to convert their waste into energy.

‘Biomethanation is a well-acknowledged and tested technology in the country and a number of paper mills have set up biomethanation plants,’ he said.

He also announced that the MNRE would support the initiatives of paper industry for conversation of waste into energy.

He asked the industries to take advantage of the incentives offered by the government in carbon emission reduction and climate change.

AK Dhussa, director, MNRE, said the country was far behind in dealing with the current environmental issues.

He too outlined various schemes announced by the government for energy recovery through biomass, solar and gasification routes.

He specifically mentioned the success story of Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Ltd on the biomethanation project.

The unit could recover the investment within a year of its operation.

‘So, utilisation of waste not only reduces pollution but can also add to the profitability,’ he added.

This is the new age technology, he added.

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