InsurTech Startups In India

A recent survey conducted among CEO’s of insurance companies across the world revealed that almost 90% of them fear that will be losing out on a large segment of their business to InsurTech startups who are more nimble and tech savvy. The giants of Insurance still rely on paperwork and work using legacy software which … Continue reading “InsurTech Startups In India”

Financial Risk Forecasting With AlgoDynamix

Financial risk forecasting analytics can provide several hours or even days of advance warning of any major directional market movement. This is done by analyzing data generated by market participants on various exchanges around the world. Once you are able to identify a potential anomaly you can then exploit these market shifts to profit from them. … Continue reading “Financial Risk Forecasting With AlgoDynamix”

FinTech Data Security

Data breaches are no longer considered a rare event, it is now a consistent cost of doing business in a digital world. Cyber-crime is profitable and very few cyber crimes are solved. The low conviction rates is an impetus driving young hackers to take up cyber crime. Data has often been described as the new … Continue reading “FinTech Data Security”

How To Gain Money With Trading Platforms

Technology is transforming the way people trade. Whilst people can be reticent about changing from tried and tested trading methods, modern apps can offer viable, practical and user-friendly alternatives. Developments within app technology mean that trading can now be completed securely and efficiently with many apps offering real-time updates to trade prices. Trades can now be … Continue reading “How To Gain Money With Trading Platforms”

Best Crowdfunding Websites for Debt, Equity and Donations

Globally US$ 16 billion was raised through crowdfunding websites in 2014. This touched US$ 34 billion in 2015. The volume of funds raised via crowdfunding in 2017 is expected to be higher than private equity (PE) investments. By 2025, a World Bank Report has estimated that global investment through crowdfunding could touch the figure of US$ 93 … Continue reading “Best Crowdfunding Websites for Debt, Equity and Donations”

Open A Bank Account By Video Chatting

Across the globe, video authentication is being used by digital banks to approve new customers who sign up for their financial services. Banks in India, UK and United States still require a physical face to face meeting. This is not only inconvenient but is fast turning into an outdated form of customer verification. In fact some archaic … Continue reading “Open A Bank Account By Video Chatting”