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P2P Lending crosses US$ 1 Billion in issued loans : News Digest

P2P Lending crosses US$ 1 Billion in USA
With greater than 100% year over year growth p2p lending is one of the fastest growing investments. Industry volume is now over $50 million in new loans a month and over the Memorial Day long weekend total loan volume passed the $1 billion mark since the industry began back in 2006. Read more Tech Crunch

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UK Government to invest £100 million in startups through P2P lending platforms
The government is to award £100 million to alternative lenders such as online peer-to-peer finance companies in a bid to help boost funding to entrepreneurs. Read more onWired

ceo eating

Chief Eating Officer .

With, Your Dinner Is Served
Indian American entrepreneur Ooshma Garg has made headlines with her peer-to-peer dining site, Gobble. India West

The ‘smartest unknown entrepreneur’
Forbes describes Mr Sridhar Vembu as the ‘Smartest Unknown Indian Entrepreneur.’ But little is known in India about this founder and CEO of Zoho Corporation, which is India’s Google. It offers most of the products that Google offers, including email application. HBL

Rajan Anandan: Technology leader who has mentored 20 start-ups, coached many others
Rajan Anandan wears two hats – both of them passionately. In his job, as the India head of a tech giant, he is responsible for maintaining, and building, its dominant position. Outside of his job, he helps startups turn into businesses with his money and, if they want, his mind. ET

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