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Tips To Get Great Deals On Online Shopping

Indian consumers and households have been bitten by the online shopping bug over the last few years. Flipkart which was India’s largest online e-commerce portal for quite some time now is facing a renewed threat from Amazon and Snapdeal for the top spot.

Earlier big e-commerce portals used to offer large discounts but of late they have stopped this practice because of their mounting losses. It is estimated that in 2016, Flipkart which also owns and suffered a loss of almost Rs 14 Crore a day . Amazon’s losses meanwhile are expected to be much higher at more than Rs 20 Crore a day because it was a late entrant to India.

The reason why e-commerce companies are facing such a large erosion in value is because of the high costs of recruitment and expansion. India lacks the logistical supply chain needed to deliver products effortlessly. They are also unable to increase their prices because of the intense competition with different websites.

With investors asking these companies to cut down on losses, some of them are no longer offering steep discounts. So consumers have turned to using coupons and Cash-back websites to get great deals on electronic goods and mobile phones.

While there are many websites that offer coupon codes for purchasing products online at a steep discount, not many of them are valid or functional. This causes an enormous amount of frustration to online shoppers.

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Outdated Coupons – A Big Waste Of Time

One of the biggest problems with online coupon sites is many of them are not up to date. A large number of websites host coupon codes even after they have expired or the promotion is over. This is because it takes a lot of time to monitor the validity of coupons and update them periodically.

Sometimes I have spent more than a day looking through hundreds of website to get the right coupon. This can be quite frustrating if you do not get the discount you had anticipated.

Which is the best website for discount deals in India?

Over the last one year I evaluated various coupon websites like Coupondunia, Couponraja, Cashkaro and Paylesser. Out of these four websites Coupon Raja is the oldest and more than eight years old. Whlie Paylesser is more than 15 years old , the company only recently started hosting coupons for Indian e-commerce portals.

After browsing these four websites for the best deals over several months. I was able to conclude that  Paylesser India had the best deals for Myntra Coupons. It also hosts deals for higher discounts much before they arrive on other websites. Paylesser has international experience catering to the markets in the United States and Europe that is unmatched by any Indian coupon site.

How has your experience been with Coupon websites in India ? Tell us in the comments below.

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