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Aligning Stakeholder Interests in NGO Transformations

The Council of Microfinance Equity Funds (CMEF) has released a report which provides practical guidance for investors, MFI managers, staff, and other institutional stakeholders to use during the MFI transition process (transformation, mergers, acquisitions, etc) in order to more effectively align stakeholder interests.

non profit to for profit

Aligning Stakeholder Interests in NGO Transformations – Emerging Best Practices

Download the Report at the link below: Right click and choose “save target as” or “save link as”

CMEF – Aligning Stakeholder Interests in NGO Transformations-PDF-26-pages-800KB

Table of Contents


1. Introduction.
1.1. Why Is Interest Alignment So Critical?

2. What Conflicts Are Inherent When Trying to Align Stakeholder Interests?
2.1. Paradigm Clash: The Non-Profit and For-Profit Structures
2.2. Preserving the Social Mission
2.3. Building a Strong Management Team
2.4. Interests by Stakeholder Group

3. How Have Other Industries Handled This Challenge?
3.1. Biotech and Non-Profit Hospitals
3.2. Community Corrections

4. Structuring Alignment: Emerging Good Practices
4.1. Equity Participation
4.2. Packages for Exiting Managers
4.3 Aligning Interests for NGO Board Directors
4.4 Aligning Interests for Staff ]

5. Conclusion: “Aligning Interests” in Practice
5.1. How to Incorporate These Practices at Individual MFIs?
5.2. How to Incorporate These Practices at the Industry Level?

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