National Financial Switch crosses 80,000 ATM’s

80,000 + ATMs in the country are now under one network

National Financial Switch , India’s biggest ATM network has now 80,000+ ATM’s under its fold. All public sector banks, major private and foreign banks as well as urban co-operative banks were already a part of the network. NFS has opened its gates to small co-operative banks to join the scheme through a sponsor bank.

ATM Network India

National Financial Switch – ATM Network

The Regional Rural Banks and co-operative banks which are already under core-banking solution can now issue RuPay debit cards and offer the facility of cash withdrawal/ balance enquiry to their customers through the 80,000+ ATMs. Keeping this fact in mind, the numbers in ATMs would see more rise in the coming months. For a country of India’s size, the number of ATMs required has been pegged at about 2,00,000.

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