What To Do When The Month Has 5 Working Weeks

While the festive period is great for an extended holiday and means you get paid early, it also mean that, for many of us, January could be the longest month of the year and some of us might have to go without any income for the next 5 weeks. That is until we get our next salary in our bank accounts. If you’re feeling the pinch and want to make your money go that little bit further in the upcoming dry spell that is sure to follow after all the festive celebrations, our guide below will help you to make better use of your money so that you have a long and less dreary January.

Short Term Loans

Payday loans are a saviour for those dreading a 5 working week months as they are designed to be able to tie you over to the following month by allowing you to take out a small amount of money and pay it back over the course of a few months. Apply for a payday loan online after using a payday loan comparison company to handpick the right lender for your needs, depending on your loan requirements and optimum repayment date.

Credit Cards

While many of us have relied on credit cards to fund the purchasing of our seemingly endless Christmas presents, credit cards can also be a saviour during the five working weeks that follow the big day. While it’s important to not get carried away and put yourself into debts that you can’t pay off for the rest of the year, credit cards are useful things to rely on when you need to have a little extra money to carry you forward to the following month.


Sell Old Phones

Let’s face it; we all have some out of date but still perfectly functioning phones lying around our house which could be put to better use by someone else. You may be surprised just how much your old phones, cameras and MP3 players can go for. Why not trade them in or sell them on eBay and see just how much cash you can get together just by tidying out your drawers?

Trade Old Books/DVDs/Games

There are a growing number of sites and shops that allow you to trade in your old books, DVDs, games and CD’s for an easy cash making opportunity- you’ll be making some spare room for new bits and bobs in the process! Some websites also offer free pickup and evaluation at your doorstep. This way you don’t need to spend any extra time on packaging and shipping your items.

Become a Mystery Shopper

Becoming a mystery shopper is a great way to earn some extra money and you even get to have your expenses paid for, along with an added fee for doing the job! The role can involve anything from a brief shop visit or a quick meal to full blown luxury hotel stays- what’s not to love? Travelling opens up new horizons that you might have never imagined would be possible.

Sign Up To Become An Extra

Did you know that for no qualifications what so ever, you can become an extra on TV or in a film? Sign up at ‘Be On Screen’ and get paid upwards of £80 to be part of a magical movie moment? It’s as easy as uploading your height, weight and image onto their site- simple!

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