Microsave Toolkit on Human Resource Management for MFI’s – Free Course !

MicroSave has announced that it will conduct a Free Course and preview it’s Toolkit on Human Resource Management (HRM) and Staff Incentive Scheme (SIS), on December 10, 2010 in Hyderabad, India.

Other Toolkit for MFI’s  are expected to be previewed in January 2011.

  • Toolkit Preview on Customer Service Strategy on January 6, 2011 at Hotel Aditya Park, Hyderabad, India.
  • Toolkit Preview on Corporate Branding and Identity Management on January 6, 2011 Hotel Aditya Park, Hyderabad
  • Toolkit Preview on Social Performance Management on January 7, 2011 Hotel Aditya Park, Hyderabad
  • Toolkit Preview on MR4MFFor  on January 7, 2011 Hotel Aditya Park, Hyderabad

MicroSave Toolkits provide step-by-step guide to address key challenges in building robust and successful microfinance operations. The toolkits are renowned for being comprehensive, practical and user-friendly, and are used across the globe by a wide variety of financial institutions, from MFIs to commercial banks, from co-operatives to post office savings banks. See Toolkit Overview for details on MicroSave website.microsave toolkits

Through Toolkit Previews, MicroSave attempts to provide a platform for sharing, cross-learning and discussion. The sessions will include the following:

1. Toolkit Essence – A brief presentation on the toolkit and few key exercises from the Toolkit

2. Employing MicroSave Toolkits – Discussion on how to apply the Toolkit

3. Expert Interaction – An opportunity to interact with MicroSave‘s senior staff

4. Interactive Discussion – Informal and interactive session amongst participants and trainers

5. Intermingle – Dedicated time slot for discussion, cross-sharing and networking

Given the scale of growth of microfinance sector, Human Resource Development is getting increasingly important for microfinance institutions. Within HRM, SIS is gaining significance. This has led us to present the session on HRM and SIS.

This a free course, however, please note that participants will have to make arrangements and bear the cost for their travel and accommodation.

To download the Brochure and Registration Form, please click here. For more information, mail to us at KM@MicroSave.net and Deepti@MicroSave.net.

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