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MicroSave and IFC release Deposit Assessment in India Report

The report was launched at Sa-Dhan Conference in New Delhi on March 15, 2011. Manoj K Sharma, Director, MicroSave India, presented the key highlights of the report at the conference.

Deposit Assessment in India report authored by MicroSave is part of a wider study supported by International Finance Corporation – “Industry Mapping of Small Balance Deposits in South Asia (India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh)”. This study details the needs and preferences of micro-savings clients in South Asia and to support the development of client-responsive products and delivery processes.

The report is a detailed study on supply and demand side of microsavings options for poor people in India, a country where microcredit is predominant. It highlights regulatory and operational challenges and opportunities for financial institutions and mobile banking platforms that want to serve the low-income market. This study provides direction and enables financial institutions to offer tailored products for low income people. The report is also a medium to emphasise the increasing importance of microsavings and its critical role in achieving financial inclusion.

The insights provided by various stakeholders – MFIs, cooperatives, non-bank financial corporation, banks, insurance companies and microfinance clients are an integral part of the entire report.

Microsave IFC Deposit Assessment in India Report 2011

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deposts in India 2011 report

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