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microfinance-india-state-of-the-sector-report-2009Microfinance India: State of the Sector Report is a series of annual reports on the microfinance sector in India. The Report seeks to document developments, clarify issues, publicize studies, stimulate research, identify policy choices, generate understanding and enhance support for the sector.

While the previous State of the Sector Report gave an account of the shifts and movements within the microfinance sector in India and their possible implications on different stakeholders, the 2009 Report covers some of the promising developments in financial inclusion and branchless banking, while also continuing with the account of the critical aspects of the sector’s performance.

An exclusive coverage of the problems faced by the sector in Karnataka draws useful lessons for the future growth of the sector. It also includes original studies based on data analysis, in addition to important studies and research reports.

No microfinance professional and researcher can afford to miss this complete and comprehensive reference volume.

Table of contents

Overview-signs and pains of maturity

SHG-bank linkage programme-continuing with consolidation

Microfinance institutions-coming of age

The tough classrooms in Karnataka-lessons on customer protection and competition

Policy environment of microfinance-need for change

Human resources and capacity building

Micro-insurance in a macro market

Technology in microfinance and inclusion

Financial inclusion Future agenda-dealing with challenges of growth

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