Malini Byanna’s second letter on SKS Microfinance

After her first letter , Malini Byanna the estranged former wife of Vikram Akula has written a second detailed letter accusing Vikram Akula of using SKS Microfinance’s resources to bankrupt her.

The letter by Malini Byanna follows below

Dear Sucheta Dalal,

Further to my note, I wanted to clarify that the SKS Microfinance Board of Directors and/or investors have never maintained a “dignified distance,” from our messy divorce and court battles over the years and have consistently used corporate resolutions, corporate resources, and corporate staff, agents, and assigns to either initiate hostile, oppressive, and coercive legal action against me or cover up all of Vikram Akula’s and his family’s unethical or illegal activities to date, whether it be civil or criminal. Read the rest of the letter

Malini Byanaa SKS

Malini Byanna - Image-credit: creativefamilylaw .com

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