Luminaries Gather For Global Tech Summit In Bangalore

Carnegie India began it’s two day digital summit amidst a galaxy of luminaries from the information technology, policy making and diplomatic fields. The event titled “Global Technology Summit 2016” is being held for the first time in Bangalore, India. Supported by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), the event seeks to bring leaders from government and innovators from the Digital Eco-system together. With the tagline “Where Technology Meets Policy”, the conference consists of talks and panel discussions about the latest innovations in the digital economy, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, space science, life sciences and big data.

India is at the cusp of a digital revolution. The launch of Digital India two years ago has bolstered the awareness of digital services and channels among the general public. Demonetization announced a month ago has provided an impetus to e-wallets and cashless payment systems but adoption is again lackluster considering India’s huge population. These trends indicate that while well heeled Indians have seamlessly adopted to the digital economy and even profited from it, a large part of India’s population remains excluded. How could the masses be transformed into digitally aware citizens was a commonly recurring theme at the conference.


Mr Shivnath Thukral, Managing Director , Carnegie India delivering his opening remarks at the conference.


panel discussion tech 2016

From left to right : C. Raja Mohan, (Director, Carnegie India) , S. Jaishankar, ( Foreign Secretary, MEA), R.S. Sharma (TRAI).

The event was inaugurated with a talk by Shivnath Thukral, Managing Director of Carnegie India. India’s diplomatic and policy making circles were represented by S. Jaishankar, foreign secretary at MEA and technocrat R. K Mishra. M.J Akbar, Union Minister of State for External Affairs in India is expected to to deliver a message tomorrow via video-link. Other notable speakers who would be speaking over the two day period are :-

  • Rahul Narayan, fleet commander of Team Indus who would discuss his company’s ambitious plan to land a rover on the moon next year in a bid to win the Google X Prize.
  • Ruslan Yunusov, CEO of Russian Quantum Center would be speaking about how quantum computing would create new billion dollar markets. He would also speak on how companies can adopt to the fast evolving world of quantum computing.
  • Bibop G Gresta, Chairman of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies would speak about how he hopes to transform the way humans travel across the globe. He is expected to announce his plans for collaboration with the Indian government to build a hyperloop transportation system in India.
  • Shivaram Kalyanakrishnan, Asst Professor at IIT Mumbai would speak on how AI will be able to predict everything from elections to human behaviors in the coming year.

Intel’s IoT stall at the Leela Palace.

The technology forum initiative is the launchpad which Carnegie India hopes will place it at the heart of India’s innovation hub in Bangalore. The event is sure to emerge in the coming years as the torch bearer for tech summits in Bangalore. The well organized event saw footfalls of more than four hundred delegates on the first day. While day two scheduled for tomorrow will mostly witness a bigger crowd.  If you missed out on attending today you can still register for an invite for Day 2 at

Some Glimpses From Day 1 follow below :

carnegie india

A display at the Global Technology Summit 2016.



Members of the audience.


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