State Bank of Hyderabad to provide loans to purchase milch cattle : News Digest

SBH ties up with Heritage Foods
State Bank of Hyderabad today signed an MoU with dairy products company Heritage Foods, under which it would offer loans for purchase of milch cattle by small farmers identified and supported by the latter. BS

state bank of Hyderabad
India, China to spur global milk consumption: Tetra Pak
India and China will drive the global consumption of liquid diary products (LDP), which is set to rise by 30% to 350 billion litres by 2020, according to a report by packaging material maker Tetra Pak. MC

NDDB to create 900 superbulls for another white revolution
India may have the world’s largest population of cattle and be the top producer of milk, but the country’s bulls have a problem. Their pedigree is not good enough, raising concerns about the future of the dairy industry. So now, a new breed of superbulls will be custom made in laboratories so that their progeny become milch cows of the highest order. ET

Fonterra Eyes India’s Booming Dairy Sector
Fonterra Co-operative Group, which is eyeing India’s booming demand for dairy products, hopes to complete the feasibility study of a dairy joint venture with Indian Farmers Fertiliser Co-operative in a year’s time, Greg Gent, director of the New Zealand-based cooperative group, said Tuesday. WSJ

Create a new ministry for dairy, fisheries
In a move that can rattle Sharad Pawar, food minister KV Thomas has suggested that the agriculture ministry be broken up to create a new independent ministry for fishing and dairy as it has huge growth potential. As head of the agriculture ministry, Pawar is in-charge of the departments of agriculture and cooperation and animal husbandry, dairy and fisheries. HT

India looks to tap NZ dairy know-how in trade deal
India’s Commerce Minister wants to tap into the New Zealand dairy industry’s state-of-the art technology as part of a free-trade deal between the two countries. NZH

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1 Comment

  1. Tara Kumar

    July 26, 2011 at 8:27 pm

    I think this is very interesting in reflecting the increasing microfinance sector. Although it is important to further loans in many areas, are savings services also being expanded. As a summer intern with Opportunity International, I have learned a tremendous amount about the microfinance sector and how it is not just used for loans but rather, it indicates that full financial services should be provided. Therefore, it is important that as the industry loans expand, savings services expand. This can create the tools for people to not over burden themselves with loans.

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