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Johnson & Johnson want’s your ideas !

If you have a break through patented (or patent pending) idea that could make an impact on Johnson & Johnson’s Consumer business, then you could stand to make a fortune !

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Johnson & Johnson is inviting submissions from all over the world at their website :

Following submission, your idea will be screened for suitability for our business objectives. Successful screening leads to evaluation by a team of cross-functional experts.

After a positive evaluation, a broader team performs due diligence, which, if successful, leads to recommendation to proceed with licensing or acquisition.

Preferred technology topics for submission:


  • Biodegradable “green” materials
  • Plant-derived ingredients
  • Taste masking ingredients
  • Aqueous based bitter taste modifiers
  • Mucoadhesive formulations
  • Ingredients with pleasant/ highly perceptible sensations on skin and/or mucosa
  • Consumer friendly fine mist delivery devices
  • Consumer friendly routes of administration (other than oral)
  • Unit-dose packaging
  • One-handed dispensing
  • Easy open child-resistant closures


  • Immediate wrinkle removal by topical products
  • Oral compounds for acne rosacea
  • Skin cancer (actinic keratosis)
  • Skin lightening (fairness)


  • Novel oral rinses
  • Periodontal disease treatments
  • Products for treatment and prevention of plaque and gingivitis


  • Consumer-friendly devices for pain relief
  • Products for itch relief


  • Nutritional ingredients/products for glucose, fat control and lactose intolerance


  • Sore throat symptom relief
  • Common cold prevention
  • Allergy management
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