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Janta Foundation launches online P2P lending site – Janta Loans

Janta Loans-p2pThe Janta Foundation ( today announced it has launched the first-ever Web site that allows individuals to support children and young adults in the developing world through education microloans and scholarships.

Lenders and donors can now connect with, and directly impact individual students of their choice in India or Nicaragua, extending the benefits of microfinance to high-need students and their families. Janta’s model delivers 100% of individual contributions directly to the specific student, empowering lenders to make a lasting impact on a child’s life.

The premise of Janta’s program is that education is the best self-help strategy in the struggle to escape poverty. Families in developing countries want to invest in their children’s education because it’s a proven way of increasing lifetime earnings.

“Through education, we can end poverty for the next generation,” said Janta’s founder, Sunny Mahant. “Donations alone have been unable to address the needs of the billion people who lack access to a quality education. By applying microfinance to education, we can empower poor families to help themselves by investing in their children.”

About Janta
Janta is a San Francisco-based education microfinance non-profit that allows people to help alleviate global poverty and directly affect the life of a child with as little as $25.

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