Interview with DhanaX founder Shiva Cotipalli

dhanaX is an online-offline person-to-person lending platform that allows Indians to lend and borrow money from each other. dhanaX is inspired by the idea of an online community’s ability to come together and help each other. dhanaX works within the ambit of Social Business or Social Enterprise.

Successful experiments worldwide in micro-credit have shown how low income people can also aspire for financial and social advancement. Dhana signifies wealth and dhanaX stands for the exchange of wealth. dhanaX is a stable, secure platform for exchange of micro loans. dhanaX works at two levels – Online it communicates with individual lenders and generates loans; Offline it networks through agents to build a database of credible borrowers.

Willing lenders are then brought in direct contact with needy borrowers. Loans thus accessed go a long way in helping small farmers or entrepreneurs to supplement their farm income or start a small business.

Location: dhanaX Information Services Pvt. Ltd., is headquartered in Bangalore. The company was flagged off by a team of enthusiastic, highly dedicated individuals with competent track records in financial services, management and technology.

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