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pinset maisons

The Pinset Maisons stall at London Fintech Week.

Pinset Maisons, one of UK’s most innovative law firms released a report on Fintech at the London Fintech Week organized last month. The report highlighted their extensive work with fintech startups in London. Given below are four companies chosen from their portfolio of clients who are doing ground breaking work at the intersection of finance and technology. These companies are expected to emerge as leaders in their respective fields with their focus on disruptive innovation. Take a look at their offerings below

otonomos logo

Otonomos –

The company uses block-chain and advanced ledger technology to simplify corporate governance across the world. Otonomos can instantly incorporate your company in the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, Singapore or the United Kingdom. You can monitor the entire process online while the offline paperwork is done by the company’s officials for you. The company offers the following incorporation types:

  • Singapore Ltd Company
  • Cayman Islands Exempted Ltd Company
  • Hong Kong Ltd Company
  • Cayman Islands Exempted Partnership
  • United Kingdom Ltd Company
  • Cayman Islands Investment Fund
  • BVI Business Corporation
  • Delaware C-corp

The firm charges US$ 500 as incorporation expenses. It also offers a monthly subscription plan through which your shareholders get access to a virtual investor desk. You can then issue each investor with a secure digital key with which he can control his share account and access it via block-chain. You can know more about Otonomos’s boutique of services in the video below:

Corporate Virtual Governance

It does not matter where your shareholders live, you can connect with board members virtually at Otonomos to organize board meetings in a jiffy. The platform also enables you to issue smart contracts which automates the voting process for shareholders. If you are looking to start a company abroad, I would highly recommend their services.

WealRo –

The company aims to launch an AI saving and investment mobile application later this year. New regulations passed in the UK make it easier for investors and consumers to get access to their financial data. This has prompted many startups to start developing personal financial management tools with a focus on user experience. The company has been incubated at Microsoft BizSpark accelerator program.

other desks at the show

Some more stalls at London Fintech Week.

i-Movo –

The company is one of the largest secure digital voucher networks in the world and has till date processed over 10 million vouchers worth over £ 100 million. Some of it’s achievements include funding the worlds first contactless newspaper subscription card using secure digital vouchers. The company’s digital vouchers are now supported by energy utility companies and banks in the UK. i-Movo digital vouchers are unique to each consumers and can be customized for end use. Find out if your organization can benefit from i-Movo’s secure digital vouchers by taking a look at their promotional video below:

Cylon Labs –

Cylon labs offers founders a secure scalable platform to build a successful cyber security startup. Founded by some of the world’s leading cyber-security professional, the accelerator manages London’s Centre for Cyber Innovation. With data breaches and hacks taking place daily, cyber security is a promising domain for startups. If you are looking to incubate a cyber security startup look no further, Cylon Labs is as good as it gets.

The UK Government last month sanctioned £ 14.5 Million (Rs 1250 Crore) for the setting up of two new cyber security innovation centers. These incubation hubs will open in early 2018 and could soon start accepting applications from startups. So if you work in info-sec, it’s time to take a trip to London.

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