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Indian Social Media Report

India Social Media Survey Brands and Corporates

Across the globe , the blog and social media environment is evolving rapidly,India is no exception.The survey attempts to capture insights from Corporates and Marketeers of India to get a sense of what’s really happening on the ground.

The survey , undertaken by with in Dec 2008 & Jan 2009, takes a deep dive into questions that matters to all of us:

The Social Media survey tries to answer several pertinent questions like

Does Social Media enjoy credibility?

Does Social Media impact business?

Is Social Media based used as a sales tool? Or as a buzz tool? Or for engagement?

Do you believe that Social Media impacts purchase decisions?

Do marketers understand Social Media?

What about Agencies? Do they?

Are clients spending money on Social Media?

Do they intend to?

What are the top metrics that marketers believe in, while calculating RoI and much more…

Download summary and report on important findings of this survey at the link below

India Social Media Report-pdf-35-Pages

social media india

Social Media in India

The report, available for sale through exchange4media costs only Rs. 1500/- and consists of valuable pieces stories and case-studies.To buy a copy of the full report write to at

Download summary and import findings of this survey at the link below

India Social Media Report 2010-pdf-35-Pages

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