Financial Inclusion

India Map of Financial Inclusion

In late January 2013, MIX released the India Map of Financial Inclusion with the aim of helping funders, public policy makers, and financial practitioners obtain an integrated view of the state of financial inclusion in India and draw insights to influence investment in the sector, inform policy decisions, and, ultimately produce better outcomes for the poor living in India.

Finanacial Inclusion Map of India

The comprehensive map can also be viewed at 

The financial inclusion map has been built using data taken from the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), the public data available from the Indian Census and the State-Level Banker’s (SLBCs), and various other sources.

financial inclusion india

The India Map of Financial Inclusion aggregates disparate datasets on regulated, unregulated, and informal financial services providers to the poor in India, and overlays them with demographic and socio-economic information. For the first time, these data layers have been geo-located and displayed on an interactive map to provide context and comparability for deeper analysis.

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