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India Internet Statistics and Data 2011

Juxt Consult , India’s leading online and new media research organisation has released it’s research report titled India Online Landscape 2011 which profiles ‘online Indians’ as internet users and consumers. The study sheds new light on the consumption and online spending patterns of India’s online citizens.

Some of the highlights of the survey are presented below. The sample of findings can be downloaded below:

India Online Landscape 2011

Internet Usage and Statistics for India 2011

Profiling ‘online Indians’ as internet users and consumers

What’s new in the report this year !

  • Estimate of internet users ‘universe’ includes those accessing internet on their mobile phone.
  • Users also profiled as consumers of a variety of products and services.
  • (FMCG products, Wearables, Household & Kitchen durables, Automobiles, Banking services, Mobile and Travel services).
  • Data updates (except internet users universe estimates) to be available on quarterly basis.

Study Overview

• Most recent and comprehensive estimates of Internet user-ship in IndiaUser-ship estimates based on a land survey conducted among 201,839 individuals spread across all 4 regions of the country between Apr-Mid June 2011 (covering 32,876 households in 104 cities and 15,889 households in 766 villages). Estimates cover both ‘regular’ and ‘occasional’ users as well as both ‘computer’ and ‘mobile’ based internet users.

• Insightful understanding of net usage behavior and preferences of regular online Indians
Findings on ‘net usage dynamics’, ‘online activities undertaken’, ‘website preferences’ and ‘consumption and lifestyle preferences’ are based on an online survey conducted between Mar-Mid June 2011 among 12,425 ‘active’ internet users from Juxt’s own online panel of 180,000+ internet users. Quarterly updates will also have 10,000+ sample per quarter.

• Understanding of online Indians as ‘consumers’ and not just as faceless net users
Includes their socio-economic status, consumption preferences of a variety of products and services, online shopping behavior and website and media preferences reported on the ‘most used’ basis. Website preferences captured for over 40 online verticals/domains and brand preferences for over 50 product/service categories.


  • This year’s annual land survey was conducted between Apr-Mid June 2011 to profile and estimate ‘internet users’ in India. The survey covered ‘towns’ and ‘villages’ of all population strata in all the mainland states and union territories in India (covering all the key, and 80 of the total 88 regions in India as per latest classification by NSSO)
  • The selection of towns and villages was done to attempt a best possible but a practical ‘geographical’ coverage of the Indian population. The sampling within the selected towns was done on ‘2-stage random’ basis (firstly a random selection of polling booths, and then a random selection of households from the electoral list within each of the randomly selected polling booths); village sampling was done on systematic random basis (selection of every nth house in the village).
  • Net usage dynamics, usage behavior and website preferences were captured from the ‘actual’ internet users in an online survey using Juxt’s own 180,000+ member Internet User Panel (
  • The online panel and survey data was made representative of the entire online Indian population (and not just of the online panel members or those surveyed) by using ‘demographic weights’ of internet users as derived from the land survey.
  • Representation ‘weights’ were derived and applied on 5 demographic parameters – zone, urban district/ village class, SEC, gender and age, while correction was also made for ‘preferred language of reading’. Only authentic ‘Govt. of India’ base-level population statistics were used for this purpose (NSSO/Census).

Topline Findings

‘Growth’ is back!

  • ‘Active’ Internet users in India stand at 65 million ( 28% from 51 million last year).
  • 61 million ‘regular’ users (46 mn urban users, 16 mn rural users).
  • Internet reaches 29 million Indian households (avg. users per household up marginally at 2.23).
  • Covers 11.3% of all Indian households and 5.4% of all Indians (13% urban, 2% rural).
  • Over 4 in 5 are ‘daily’ users. Daily users’ base grew faster, at 33%.

* ‘Active’ internet users = who have used the internet ‘in last one year’, ‘Regular’ internet users = use internet ‘at least once a month’

‘Multi-access’ , but mobile internet hasn’t taken off

  • Access up from all places (avg. place of access up at 2.23 from 1.76).
  • ‘Home’ is the single largest place of access (58%), and the most preferred place of access (43%). Only ‘Home’ and ‘transit’ show growth in usage on ‘preferred place’ basis.
  • Growth largely ‘PC’ driven (access on mobile phones still only among 1 in 4 internet user).
  • Mobile adding only ‘depth of usage’ (8 out of 10 mobile internet users are ‘dual’ users, ‘only mobile’ based usage a lowly 3% – 1.8 million users).
  • Overall, internet growth noticeably more in ‘metros’ and ‘urban uptowns’.

Search, Interactivity, Entertainment and Shopping

Internet users india

Most Used Websites in India – By Verticals

E commerce websites india

Online buying picking momentum in India !

  • 4 out of 5 internet users ‘shop’ online (search or buy online), translating into a 50 million strong online consumer base.
  • 17 mn of these ‘online shoppers’ (or 29% of all internet users), also ‘buy’ online – 70% from 10 million last year.
  • Online buyers of ‘non-travel’ products (13.5 million) outnumber ‘travel’ ones (8.6 million).
  • Most bought ‘non-travel’ products were mobile phones & accessories (56%), computer hardware and consumer electronics (35% each) and movie tickets (30%). Most bought ‘travel’ products were train tickets (83%) and air tickets (58%).

Download Highlights of India Online Landscape 2011 Report

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