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Impact Hub Fellowships

Get seed funding up to Rs 25 Lakh for your business idea. Last date for applications are 2nd May 2014 !

What is it about?

New Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) change our lives. This digitalization leads to many advantages but at the same time poses challenge to all of us: constant availability as well as data protection are a rising concern. However, there is no doubt that these technologies can bring great value to our society i.e. online-meeting systems which reduce air travel or systems which allow rural producers to sell their products online. The Impact Hub Fellowship is launched to boost the positive potential of ICT.

fellowship for good

The Impact Hub Fellowship aims at attracting committed people who are working on the implementation of an innovative idea in the field of ICT and who are looking for support. We are seeking ICT solutions which enable sustainable life- and workstyles. The Impact Hub Fellowship offers coaching, network access, financial support and workspace at the Impact Hub Zürich. This Fellowship is a common initiative by the Impact Hub Zürich and Swisscom.

What ideas are we looking for?

The Fellowship addresses people with ideas for creating a product in the sector of mobile information and communication technologies. Thereby, we focus on apps, social media solutions, internet-platforms and games (gamification).

These products are supposed to answer the following question:

In what way can information and communication technology (ICT) shape sustainable work and life?

We especially looking for ideas in the following fields:

  • Sustainable energy supply and energy use
  • Education and life-long learning
  • Health and healthy lifestyles
  • Integration and participation (of elderly people, people with a migration background, etc.)
  • Facilitation of virtual mobility
  • Collaboration (efficient teamwork over space and time)
  • Sustainable consumption
  • Competent and secure handling of media
  • Etc.

The idea should be…

  • innovative and novel.
  • implemented as a start-up/organization
  • financially independent
  • scalable (potential of growth and expansion)

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