Microfinance Private Equity

IFMR Capital launches new website and deal portal

FMR Capital’s website is now live at http://capital.ifmr.co.in/.Designed to promote IFMR Capital’s mission of providing reliable and efficient access to debt-capital markets for institutions impacting low income households, the website provides a host of information to microfinance institutions and investors in this space, while explaining our mission and business.IFMR Capital - Microfinance Deal Portal

The highlight of the website is the deal portal- http://capital.ifmr.co.in/deal-portal which aims to provide a comprehensive database of asset-backed securitisation deals in the Indian debt capital markets. This is the first deal portal for securitisations in India. It is significant because it enables originators, financial intermediaries, rating agencies and investors to compare the features of securitisation deals across asset classes like microfinance loans, commercial vehicle loans, personal loans and SME loans, and also view the latest performance data of these asset classes.

IFMR Capital also believes that the website will promote the highest standards of transparency that will encourage and give investors and other stakeholders the confidence to associate themselves with high quality institutions working at the bottom of the pyramid. This could well be the first step towards making microfinance a mainstream asset class in the debt-capital markets.

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