HSBC provides grant to Spandana Microfinance to provide clean energy alternatives

HSBC India

HSBC India

HSBC along with Spandana and Micro Energy Credits has embarked on a project to provide clean energy alternatives to clients of Spandana, a Hyderabad based microfinance institution MFI.

MicroEnergy Credits is a US Based social enterprise and has worked with several MFIs globally to help them launch and scale clean energy programs. A grant from HSBC will enable Spandana to receive technical assistance from MicroEnergy Credits to develop and roll out a clean energy product portfolio suited to the needs of its clients. MEC will in turn link Spandana’s microfinance clients to the global carbon credit markets and enable them to trade carbon credits earned by adopting clean energy.

HSBC press release on the Microfinance Gateway:
HSBC Press Release

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