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Green Energy Micro funding Website launched in US

New Generation Energy (NGE), a nonprofit whose mission is to make America’s communities healthier and more sustainable through the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, today announced the launch of its Green Energy Project Microfunding site. This site makes it easy for individuals to learn about and support specific green energy projects at nonprofit organizations all across the US.

NGE’s Executive Director, Chuck Lewin said  “A web based microfunding site dedicated to green energy projects has been needed for a long, long time. Now that New Generation Energy has developed the microfunding site, nonprofits can get funding for their green energy projects, educate the public about their sustainability efforts, and illustrate real world, practical applications of green energy technology.”green energy microfinance

New Generation Energy’s microfunding site is similar to other microfinance sites, but support is in the form of a donation rather than a loan, and emphasis is placed on project metrics such as energy savings and green house gas emissions reduction. Any nonprofit organization may apply to be listed on the site. This includes family shelters, community centers, schools, universities, churches, and more. All projects must be located in the United States, and all applying nonprofit organizations must be US-based.

The site has value not only as a source of funding for green energy projects, but a project posting can also serve as a ‘billboard’ for an organization’s efforts to become greener. Using the site, organizations can include pictures, video links, quotes from staff, and other materials to promote the organization and help drive donations to support the project.

To visit NGE’s Green Energy Project Microfunding Site, go to:

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