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G20 Global Business Challenge 2014

The G20 Global Business Challenge with a first prize money of $US 100,000 (Rs 60 Lakhs) is now accepting applications from students. The G20 Global Business Challenge (G20GBC) is a multidisciplinary graduate business case competition to design sustainable solutions that incorporate a combination of innovative technologies and business models to address a global challenge.

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G20 Global Business Case Challenge 2014

Competing teams will face off over two rounds to progress to the finals to be held in Brisbane as a leadup to the G20 leaders Summit. Round 1 is a virtual round – open to any team of postgraduate students from both business and technical disciplines – where they with pitch their ‘conceptual business solution’ comprising a combination of new technologies and innovative business and financing models.

Six finalist teams will be selected to come to an intensive 2 day lock-in phase where they will be required to address a series of specific constraints reflecting real-world issues in order to make their solution a reality. Finalists will present to a judging panel of global CEOs and financiers.

Finalist Teams will compete for a $US100,000 first prize with a host of other prizes for runners up and winners of specific categories.

The competition adopts on two underpinning themes: diversity and collaboration.

The competition aims to encourage as much diversity in solution designs as possible. Just as there are no single right answers to complex problems, the nature of the issued challenge demands Teams to look for highly innovative technologies and design novel business and financing models, that in their different configurations, maximises economic, social and environmental benefit.

A unique element in the design of the competition is that of collaboration. Collaboration between business schools, universities, the research community as well as industry – irrespective of their location – will help Teams formulate their best possible solution. This means that teams are not restricted in team make-up (we encourage both business and technical graduate students) as well as the inclusion of multiple proposed technological solutions from any technology provider (not just those from their own institutions).

The scheduling of the competition will take place in accordance to the key activity milestones in the lead-up to the G20. The final will be conducted immediately prior to the G20 Summit.

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