Forbes India – Special Report on Financial Inclusion in India

Forbes India has released a special report this month on Financial Inclusion in India . There are a total of 7 articles but they are currently not available online and can only be read in the print issue available at newsstands across the country.

Beyond Micro Lending

For over a decade now, the microfinance industry has been the poster child of financial inclusion in India. From being tiny non-profits at the start of the millennium, microfinance institutions (MFIs) have built up a base of 26 million clients and $2.6 billion in loan outstanding currently, taking the benefit of credit to some of the country’s most isolated communities untouched by four decades of nationalised banking.

The sector is the new stock market darling and billions of dollars are waiting to tap into this seemingly unlimited potential. All reasons to call for a celebration. But….. Read more on Forbes India

forbes india financial inclusion

List of Articles on Financial Inclusion

in the current issue of Forbes India.

  • 4 Ways to Shape the Idea of Finance
  • Jonathan Morduch: Come What May
  • YSP Thorat: Save that for later
  • C Rangarajan: The Two Pillars
  • MFIs and the Equity Jolt
  • The Silent Revolutions for Financial Inclusion

These articles will be available F online only after the 18th of November 2010 on the Forbes India Website.

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