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Five Ways Your Startup Can Improve Its Delivery Services

Starting up a business, whether you’re a seasoned manager or just starting out, is an exciting process. But with so many large competitors out there, it can be difficult to truly put yourself out there. Whilst most organisations appear to have pristine delivery services, more often they have very flawed processes, with consumers only using them because they can’t find a better alternative. Well, your start-up could be the better alternative, offering cheap parcel delivery along with excellent customer service! Becoming the next big delivery company could be easy as long as you follow these steps.

  1. Always Keep Customers Informed

Everybody hates waiting for a deliveries, that’s just fact. If there are uncontrollable forces causing a delivery to take a long time, your customers will be far more satisfied and understanding if they know about it. Even some of the biggest companies that offer delivery services can fail to provide the best customer service, which is where your start-up can exceed expectations! Whether it’s through email, an authorised SMS or an online tracking service, you should aim to keep your customers informed at all times. Give them a confirmation when the order has been placed, then provide a tracking ID if possible once it’s been dispatched so they can follow every other process in between. It’s also worth asking your customer for feedback on whether they’re satisfied with the service once it has finished, as this shows that you care about their customer experience, and you can use this information to improve.

  1. Ensure Your Drivers Have Good Customer Service Skills

Ultimately, your drivers represent your company, and the majority of your customers will judge the entire delivery service based on this one employee. Ensure that they are polite and display excellent customer service skills when delivering the parcel to its destination. Your vehicle can also be an effective way of promoting your delivery service, with customers and the general public viewing it on a daily basis. Ensure that it’s clean and that your logo and message is clearly displayed on the vehicle. As simple as it is to fix, a dirty, tatty vehicle may give the wrong impression about your start-up.


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  1. Implement a Delivery System

It’s no good just throwing around parcels here and there for delivery whenever you manage to find them. Running a successful delivery organisation relies heavily on organisation, which is why you need to ensure that you enforce a strict system which will be used for every parcel delivery. Create set, clear criteria, outlining every step that needs to be taken when arranging parcel delivery. If your start-up has a range of departments, ensure that they are all complying with this criteria. By implementing a system like this, you will be able to identify where any problems are when arranging your parcel deliveries, allowing you to straighten out the overall service.

  1. Use Automated Software

Whilst it might seem like an extortionate investment during your start-up, using automated software will really allow you to perfect organisation within the warehouse, especially being a small business. By using this software, you can save a lot of time as it will automatically produce an address label based on the parcel delivery service wanted. Automated software will also tick off every single procedure within the warehouse, and extend out further to when the parcel is actually on the road. Losing a parcel is a nightmare, but with automated software on your side, the process of avoiding and dealing with such an issue is easier than ever.

  1. Ask For Feedback

Being a start-up, you’ve only just started operating in the delivery industry, and you will make many mistakes along the way to learn valuable lessons. But how will you learn from these mistakes if you never even knew that they existed in the first place? Don’t be ashamed to ask your customers for feedback, as it could really help you neaten up your delivery service and provide a better one to future customers. All start-ups are created with the intention of being successful,so in order to become the best delivery service company on the market, you’ll need to utilise the feedback you get!

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