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Five Trends to watch in Higher Education – BCG Report

The Boston Consulting Group last week released a new report titled “Five Trends to watch in Higher Education” focused on developments in the US education sector.

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Report Summary : Five Trends to watch in Higher Education

Leaders of U.S. universities and colleges are navigating a challenging economic environment. Revenues from enrollment, government, and other sources have fallen, leading many institutions to raise tuition to unsustainable levels and putting a number of the weakest schools at risk of failing.

Meanwhile, the return on investment of a degree is increasingly subject to debate. After years of low graduation levels and high unemployment rates for those students who do complete college, the spotlight has shifted firmly toward improving outcomes.

Additionally, college as we know it—what it looks like, how it gets delivered, and who it serves—is being altered.
These and other forces are transforming the U.S. higher-education system. The fundamental model of universities and colleges has been called into question. Experiments large and small across the nation point to a multitude of paths forward.

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