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Financial Performance of Indian MFIs in 2010 – Sa Dhan Report

Sa-Dhan – The apex body of MFI’s in India that includes both non profit and for profit microfinance institutions has released it’s report titled Financial Performance of Indian MFIs A Quick Review, 2010.

The Quick Review, 2010 report, presents the performance of Indian microfinance institutions based on the audited financial data provided by these MFI’s until March 2010. This year about 264 Micro finance Institutions submitted the data.This included 115 non-members.

If you want to order a copy of the report , Please write to smrc@sa-dhan.org. The cost of each copy is Rs 1,000(excluding shipment cost).

Sa dhan Quick Review

Sa-Dhan Report Financial Performance of Indian MFIs A Quick Review, 2010

Some Highlights

  • The Total Loan Outstanding for all 264 Microfinance Institutions that provided their Data to Sa-Dhan for the report is Rs.18, 343 crores.
  • The total number of active borrowers has grown by 46% and the outstanding loan portfolio has grown by 57.4% when compared to 2009.
  • For profit  Microfinance NBFC’s hold nearly 90% of the total loan portfolio outstanding by MFIs.
  • The average loan size from the sample is Rs.9, 766.
  • The total outstanding borrowings for MFIs as of 31st march, 2010 stands at Rs.16, 466 Crores. Out of this 77% is held by the 10 largest MFIs , while 90% of the total borrowings are held by for profit Microfinance NBFC’s.
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