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Some of the Forbes articles on Financial Inclusion in India are now available online on their websete.Links to these articles follow below.

The Silent Revolutions for Financial Inclusion

One look at Phunchung Bhutia and I knew she was a gritty and sturdy woman. This 60-year-old construction worker walks up to 10 kilometres each day to work. When I met her, she was helping to build steps leading to a village atop the hill. This project is part of the national rural employment guarantee scheme and pays her Rs. 100 a day. Multimedia Slideshow view at Forbes India

Jonathan Morduch: Come What May

One of the most crucial insights about microfinance is so blindingly obvious that for years I failed to see it. The lesson is that if there is any one thing that makes microfinance different from previous attempts to provide credit to the under-served, it is ‘reliability’. Read more on Forbes India

MFIs and The Equity Jolt

Spectacular stock market booms often start in plush corporate boardrooms or the powerful corridors of investment banks in large cities. Rarely do they emanate from muddy gravel paths in far-flung villages, where poor women sit in circles and chat amid the clatter of passing cows and playful children. How can these semi-literate ladies handling a few thousand rupees at a time interest the world’s money bags used to talking in billions of dollars ? Read more on Forbes India financial inclusion article forbes

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