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Financial Inclusion 2020 Global Forum – Oct 28-30, London

The Financial Inclusion 2020 Global Forum will be a landmark event for expanding global financial inclusion. With an innovative approach and carefully selected participants, the Global Forum will be a unique opportunity to engage a broad range of players in financial inclusion in a collaborative environment where they can map the action agenda for achieving financial inclusion by the year 2020.

Set to take place in London, October 28-30, 2013, the Forum will communicate the findings of the FI2020 Roadmap to Financial Inclusion and Mapping the Invisible Market to the key players capable of making full financial inclusion a global reality.

financial inclusion forum england

A Unique Range of Participants

The Global Forum is an invitation-only event. The initial participant list is being developed based on an analysis of which actors can move forward aspects of the Roadmap to Financial Inclusion. The guest list of approximately 300 will include leaders from the mainstream and specialized financial sectors, technology providers and the corporate sector, international non-profits, and public policy makers. Representatives of specific client segments such as women, persons with disabilities, elderly, youth, rural, refugees and consumer advocates will participate in the Forum to raise awareness of their unique needs and assets.

The Forum will create a dynamic opportunity for networking. It will encourage key players to more clearly identify their roles in attaining full financial inclusion. The Global Forum will be highly interactive, with opportunities to promote insights across sectors and stimulate the development of new relationships. A compelling presentation of the Mapping the Invisible Markets results will help focus efforts, as will lively round tables resulting in final recommendations on the Roadmap to Financial Inclusion.

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