Finance website names USA’s most evil banking acts of 2011

The banking industry’s bad habit of illegally harassing widows for their deceased spouse’s debt has won the top spot on the list of the Worst Things Banks Did to Consumers in 2011.

The popular personal finance site declared an incident this summer where a Florida woman was called by debt collectors constantly throughout her husband’s wake to be the most despicable banking act of the year — but it was a close call. The article, which details the most reprehensible actions of the financial industry in 2011, is intended to serve as a warning to Americans planning on doing business with corporate banks in 2012.

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“Despite new regulations that might lead consumers to believe that big banks are safer than last year, the fact of the matter is that they’re more at risk than ever before,” says founder Bill Hazelton. “The actions of the banking industry last year were the worst that we’ve ever seen.”

One Wall Street bank had customers arrested for trying to protest unfair policies by closing out their accounts. Another caused a pregnant woman to miscarry by hounding her for weeks and destroying her credit rating — all over a check that the bank had already cashed.

Two major credit card issuers sued a small restaurant for $1.3 million using data that they allegedly fabricated. In 2011, immorality became institutionalized in banks across the country.

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