Exhilway Finance launches managed accounts in India

Exhilway Finance,a Canada based wealth manager will soon launch equity and forex based managed accounts for the  Indian forex and equity markets. Managed accounts are considered a better investment option over mutual funds since every investor receives individual attention.

Exhilway Finance (, Canada based wealth manager will soon launch managed accounts in India, managed accounts are considered a better investment option in the western countries over mutual funds due to individual attention from the asset manager and clear transparency on the usage of investment by the asset manager.exilway finance india“Managed accounts are a transparent investment product, you give your money to a professional to manage it well, it may look like a wealth management product but it is much more than it. Mutual Funds adjust Net Asset Value (NAV) against investors hard earned money, they charge even for petty expenses and they never tell you what’s exactly in there portfolio, you don’t have a right to advice and interfere thus managed accounts is a far better investment option”, said Rahul Kumar, Joint CEO of Exhilway Finance India Division.

The minimum amount required to invest in a managed account is Rs 25,000 and no entry or exit load is deducted. The asset manager share 5% of profit and guarantees protection of investors capital.

Exhilway Finance plans to sell over 25,000 managed accounts by December 2010 which will bring in margin money of over Rs 62 crore. Exhilway Finance may rope in some Indian entity to distribute there products on a nationwide basis.

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  1. J Richmond

    June 23, 2010 at 10:14 pm

    I think this could be huge with Indias increasing middle classes

  2. prasant

    July 1, 2010 at 9:22 pm

    When ever you start manage forex a/c please contact me for same in india

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