ESAF solar energy initiatives benefit slum dwellers

Solar energy separates a group of slum dwellers in Chikli near Kalamna from others of their ilk. For those who strive for a living with bare necessities this is a grand achievement. It all started with a meaningful intervention in their lives by ESAF Microfinance along with CHF International.

Now they boast of four solar powered light posts, solar lamps and solar study light. “Fire related incidents had been reduced considerably since ESAF and CHF started this initiative in 2009” says George K. John, General Manager, Central Zone, ESAF.
solar energy india

Earlier, the slum had witnessed three kerosene lamp incidents and the residents spent around Rs 300 per month for lighting their hutments. “They now understand the importance of solar energy and are willing to spend Rs 1600/- for solar panels and batteries” added George K. John.

Out of the 200 families in the region 129 families are benefiting from the program. A closer observation shows that academic results of school children have improved considerably. The solar lamps and study lamps are charged at the Community charging centre in the area. This centre can charge up to 25 -30 lamps simultaneously.

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