Dudh Nahar : Translating Traditional Tribal Knowledge into Community Profits

Abhumka Herbal Pvt Ltd is an Ahmedabad, Gujarat based pharmaceutical company that uses the tools of modern science to create finished herbal products based on the tribal knowledge.

Dudh Nahar – Cattle Feed

Abhumka has developed cattle feed product which is 100% herbal and purely based on indigenous knowledge of tribals of Patalkot (Madhya Pradesh), Dangs (Gujarat) and Aravalli (Rajasthan). The product is nontoxic, with no steroids and bacterial contamination; the product is non-hormonal and does not have side effects on cattle fertility. It does not contain any synthesized chemical compound; even the preservative and binder involved in this formulation is plant derived.

DudhNahar, as the product is called, has already passed toxicity and heavy metal analysis tests. Field trials with different livestock farmers across India have shown milk level rise of minimum 15% and up to 25% in a month. Besides increasing milk, the product improves general immunity of the cattle. Product works as a catalytic agent that remains in the animal body for a month and enhances the digestion and immunity support thus increases the efficiency of lactation process without changing the metabolism.

dudhnahar dairy feed

This natural polyherbal compound contains sixteen medicinally important herbs including khair (natural binder), babool, saptaparna, satapushpa, shatavari, kothambir, Curnium cymium, madhurika, chandrika, jivanti, mahua, pundarika, til, vidarikanda, banapankha and guduchi. It is available in the shape of a round biscuit with diameter 50mm, thickness 10mm and weight 19g; it has a shelf life of one year from the date of manufacture. As of date there is no there is not a single report of any side effect, even on pregnant cows; it is rather recommended for pregnant cows as it works as a nutritional supplement and boosts immunity.

One pack of DudhNahar contains 20 biscuits. Two biscuits everyday for the first ten days of the month are sufficient for the entire month. This routine should be repeated every month for consistent results.

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