Which state in India has the most discount-hungry shoppers?

Every year, more and more Indian consumers are enjoying what online shopping has to offer. There are many benefits to shopping online, with many shoppers stating things such as convenience, speed and most of all, value for money as the reasons they are starting to shop on the internet for various consumer goods.

Price comparison site, idealo.in, was keen to find out how different areas in India have been affected by the trend towards increased online shopping, and more specifically, online shopping to find the best deals and discounts.

In the research, they analyzed Google Trends data to find out which states in India search the most for the phrase “online offers.” The results showed that the state with the highest number of searches for this phrase was Andhra Pradesh. In second position are the consumers from Telangana. Positions 3 and 4 were taken by Puducherry and Tamil Nadu.

In order to display the results of the research clearly, they built an infographic which can be seen below.


It is interesting to see that the research reveals that it is predominantly consumers in South India who are looking for more deals online.

5 simple tips for finding the best online discounts

  1. Search around for the best price – never accept the first price you see as being the cheapest.
  2. Get some help both with online and offline shopping – apps like idealo can be used instore to scan the barcode and check online prices.
  3. Be open about brands – you might find a different brand selling a similar product at a much better price to your favourite brand.
  4. Take advantage of seasonal discounts – shops lower their prices around certain festivals.
  5. Check prices throughout the week to see if the price changes on each day.


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