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Build Custom Mobile Applications Without Coding

There are many companies that currently allow you to build a web or mobile application without any coding. One such service that continues to gain traction in the corporate world comes from the stable of Caspio. Caspio was founded way back in 2000 and has since then built up an enviable user base. As of today thousands of companies and individuals use it’s platform to power more than 1 million applications. It is the platform of choice for leading MNC’s like Coca Cola, ESPN, SIEMENS, Bayer and Philips who have all chosen to build their business applications on the Caspio Platform.

The company recently organized a one-day long workshop for developers looking to build mobile applications on their platform. The event held in early June 2017 at the Marriott hotel in London saw more than two dozen developers signing up to launch their mobile applications. By the end of the workshop many of the attendee’s had successfully deployed their first fully functional mobile application. Some had even submitted their apps for publication on the Google Play Store. Some pictures of the workshop follow below :


An Introduction to Caspio App Platform.


fish and chips

Lunch sponsored by Caspio for the participants.


wide angel

A view from inside the workshop venue.

So what makes Caspio A Powerful Application Platform For Business Users?

Caspio’s cloud based platform allows any user to create forms, build and manage databases without knowing any programming. In fact the advent of AI and Machine Learning is expected to make programming obsolete in the coming decades. By using point-and-click tools any novice developer can now build a sophisticated web application. You can also use their platform to automate repetitive business processes while ensuring the integrity and security of your company data is not compromised. Caspio helps eliminate the need for any investments in infrastructure and reduces the application development life-cycle. It is today being used by government agencies, healthcare providers, non profits and private corporations.

Some of the broad uses for which you can use Caspio are:

  • IT Development – Create a helpdesk, track assets and setup an extranet / intranet.
  • Sales / Marketing – Get leads and follow up on them, manage events and enable sales.
  • Customer Service – Create training programs, setup a knowledgebase and create ticketing systems.
  • HR – Talent management, recruitment, create a job portal and handling of vacation requests.
  • Company Operations – Manage projects, create dashboards and resource scheduling.

brands using caspio

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA regulations are being enforced strictly and organizations which handle electronic Protected Health Information (PHI) are required to adhere to numerous layers of security and controls. Ensuring HIPAA compliance is extremely costly on modular custom-built platforms.

Caspio makes HIPAA compliance easy because it’s entire infrastructure and software platform is HIPAA compliant. This makes Data Backup, Retention and Disaster Recovery hassle free. It also has several technical safeguards such as Audit Trail Logs which record all user access to data and is deployed throughout the application. These records can later be analysed to determine it any breaches have occurred over time. The company has also built internal security controls and monitors services automatically. It also has the facility to alert administrators of suspicious activities and any unusual usage patterns that it may come across.

Different Plans for different users : Caspio has a free plan which has a limit of 250 MB data transfer for users who want to test drive it’s features. The basic plan starts from US$ 59 per month and includes most features and services that a company is most likely to use along with an unlimited data transfer limit.

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