Confronting Microfinance – Edited by Milford Bateman

A new book titled Confronting Microfinance written by microfinance’s most vocal critic Milford Bateman is all set to be released in December 2011 by Kumarian Press. You can pre-order your copy here. The book also contains a special chapter on India titled Undermining the Chances of Sustainable Development in India with Microfinance by Aneel Karnani.

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Confronting Microfinance Book – Milford Bateman

Book Description

Despite the popularity of microfinance, it is a field that remains remarkably under-theorized. Most evaluations carried out by international development agencies, academics, and independent researchers focus on tweaking what they see as an already beneficial system. Rarely are the very foundations of microfinance brought into question. Instead, their studies presuppose impact without evidence, ignore potentially important issues, and utilize faulty evaluation methodologies.

Bateman and contributors provide critical perspectives on microfinance that reach beyond the desire for technical perfection held dear by almost all microfinance institutions. It charts actual economic and social impacts registered in Southeast Europe to date, both in the context of post-communist transition and post-conflict reconstruction. It examines key cross-cutting issues, providing a more holistic and comprehensive approach to microfinance. One of the few books available that provides a robust critique of microfinance, Confronting Microfinance is sure to fire up the debate on this popular poverty-fighting measure.

Table of Contents:

List of Illustrations

1 Introduction: Looking Beyond the Hype and Entrenched Myths
Milford Bateman

Part 1 Global Experience: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom

2 Microfinance in Ultra-Poor Communities: The Experience of Medellín, Colombia
Milford Bateman, Juan Pablo Durán Ortíz, and Dean Sinkovic´

3 The Commercialization of Microfinance: Resolution or Extension of Poverty?
Malcolm Harper

4 Lessons from the Grameen Bank: Entrepreneurialism May Not Be a Universal Norm
Rashmi Dyal-Chand

5 Undermining the Chances of Sustainable Development in India with Microfinance
Aneel Karnani

Part 2 Southeastern Europe Experience

6 Impact of Microfinance in Croatia
Milford Bateman and Dean Sinkovic´

7 Microfinance in Serbia
Nebojša Janic´ijevic´ and Goran Petkovic´

8 Microfinance in Macedonia
Taki Fiti, Vladimir Filipovski, and Verica Hadzi Vasileva-Markovska

9 Microfinance Saturation in Bosnia and Herzegovina: What Has Really Been Achieved for the Poor?
Saša Drezgic´, Zoran Pavlovic´, and Dragoljub Stoyanov

10 Gender and Microfinance in Southeastern Europe: A Critical View
Vesna Cipruš, Liz Hughes, and Mia Vukojevic´

Part 3 Conclusion

11 The End of Microfinance?
Milford Bateman


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