Coal India IPO Allotment News

While retail investors are waiting eagerly to know how many shares have been alloted in Coal India IPO , the registrars are yet to make the details public and are taking their own sweet time.

The registrar for Coal India’s IPO Link Intime is yet to update it’s website with the latest information on the allotment given to retail investors in Coal India IPO. Once updated you will be able to check your allotment of shares online .

Coal India IPO Allotment Delayed

The Coal India IPO Allotment could have been delayed because of the huge number of applications that the registrar has recieved.
Some analysts revealed that more than 17.5 lakh retail applications were submitted by small investors for Coal India’s IPO. This is more than 10% of the total number of demat account holders in India.

Also the retail portion of Coal India’s IPO was over subscribed 2.3 times and the bulk of the bids have come at the upper end of the price band at Rs 245. Coal India IPO allotment updates

Allotment Ratio of shares in Coal India IPO

In book built issues like that Coal India , the basis of allotment is decided by the book running lead managers or investment bankers within 14 days from the date of closure of the IPO.

While the basis of allotment has not been revealed by the bankers many believe it will be in the ratio of 1:2 for retail investors who have bid for more than 100 share of Coal India and 1:1 for those who have bid for less than 100 share in the Coal India IPO.

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Some analysts believe that due to the huge number of applications for Coal India IPO , the allotment of shares and refunds could take more time as the registrar of the issue would need time to process all the applications. Even though the majority of applications are in a digital format it would still take time as they need to be manually verified.

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