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Citrus Pay – The Complete Guide

Citrus Pay is one of the largest payment gateway providers in the world. As of January 2017, it had more than 9000+ satisfied small businesses across Europe, North America and Asia. It also has a mobile wallet for making digital payments which boasts of 20 million+ customers. During 2016, Citrus Pay processed more than US$ 3 billion in transactions. It is one of the few payment solutions in the market that has been designed with a focus on the requirements of developers and startups. Many developers in India and abroad readily vouch for the fact that this payment solution is quite flexible and can scale up to meet any deployment requirements.

History Of Citrus Pay

The company began it’s operations in August 2011 and was able to quickly raise funding from Sequoia Capital in US$ 1.8 million in January 2012. Since then there has been no looking back for the company. In what is seen by many tech analysts as a measure of its success, the company was acquired for Rs 900 Crore (US$ 130 million) approximately in September 2016. Citrus Pay had raised more than US$ 32 million for venture capitalists like Sequoia, Ascent Capital and eContext.

So what makes Citrus Pay command such a loyal following among it’s users ? The answer to that question lies in the plethora of features that the wallet has been able to incorporate based on user feedback and developers requirements. This unique attention to the needs of the community has enabled it to consistently rank among the top three payment gateways globally.

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  • It is built with Developers in mind – Citrus pay has robust API’s that can let you build and integrate seamlessly with PHP, Java, Ruby, Javascript based platforms.
  • Quick Checkout The Citrus checkout cart is an intuitive payment solution that works effortlessly on multiple platforms like mobile web, tablets and desktops. You are not required to build separate payment gateways for different platforms.
  • Top Notch Security – It securely transmits the details of your credit card , net banking login ids and does not require any additional programming.
  • Store Credit Card Details Online- Your customers can store their credit and debit card details online in a highly secure card vault. Once the details are saved, you can make payments in a jiffy.
  • Multi Platform Support – They have dedicated libraries for iOS, Windows and Android for making in-app payments.
  • Multi-Party Payments Integration – Citrus Pay can be easily integrated with Marketplaces where one needs to make multi-party payments in real time.

Now comes the most important feature of any payment gateway, what are the costs involved?

Citrus Pay has one of the lowest maintenance costs in the industry. It charges a flat rate of Rs 1200 per year as annual maintenance cost. It also has a flat transaction charge of 1.99% + Rs 3 on each transaction that is processed. This means if you receive Rs 1000 as payment for a product sold on your e-commerce website, you will receive Rs 977 into your bank account. There is no complex pricing structure based on volumes and minimum business.

All it takes is two easy steps to implement Citrus Pay on your website, sign up on their website and then embed the code you find in the dashboard on to your website. That is it, you are now ready to begin your business operations. Let us know how you experience was in implementing this solution on your web-portal in the comments below.

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