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The Business of Water in India

Water is everyone’s business

By Susnato Sen, practice head, infrastructure, Tata Strategic Management Group

In the below article Susanto sen discusses the ways that people, especially in countries such as India, can work to prevent the anticipated drinking water crisis and the business opportunities that are going to emerge in the coming years. (This article was published in Tata Review, September 2010 Magazine).

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Rational Water Management

Water is generally considered a resource that is abundantly available and unlimited in supply given the fact that three-fourth of the Earth is covered with water. Historically, water has been treated as a ‘free good’. But the current scenario of water resources presents a very different picture. ~97.5 per cent of the world’s water resource is saline and only 2.5 per cent is fresh water.

A large part of these freshwater resources exist in form of ice caps and glaciers. So for all practical purposes, only 0.75 per cent of the global fresh water resources are available for consumption.(This article was published in Gujarat Infrastructure, April-June 2010 magazine)

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Source : TSMG

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