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Better Living Challenge 2014

The Better Living Challenge is a call to designers and innovators; manufacturers and retailers; students and professionals; self-taught designers and tradesmen; architects and engineers; to develop home improvement solutions that support a better quality of life for all.

Three winners will each win a package of support services valued at Rand 500,000 (Rs 25 Lakh approximately ) to commercialise their innovative and affordable home improvement solution.

To apply and know more visit :

better living challenge 2014

The Better Living Challenge has three entry categories.


  • Innovative products and materials used in the construction of homes.
  • Innovative approaches and components for self-built homes and structures.
  • Systems and products that allow for incremental expansion of existing structures.


  • Products, services and systems which create a more liveable and enjoyable internal environment, including improved temperature control and internal air quality, as well as light, energy and water efficiency.
  • Products and systems that address fire risk.
  • Modular and space saving furniture and storage ideas.
  • Solutions to create flexible public/private space for homes where a single space may have multiple uses throughout the day.


  • Products, services or systems that digitally and physically connect a home to its surroundings and beyond.
  • Solutions that connect a home to the physical environment, including food production and waste water systems.
  • Off-grid solutions for individual households.
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